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Industrie Alimentari
Volta Belting’s food-grade conveyor belts conform to the highest sanitation standards. They save water, chemicals and waste treatment costs; reduce downtime and maintenance; lower bacteria counts; and reduce product rejection and waste. The positive drive belts like SuperDrive™ can cut electricity usage significantly. No other food-grade belting can have such an impact on the economics of a processing line.
Industrie Non-Alimen
Volta Belting offers General Conveying (GenCon) belting for a range of industrial applications. Flexible materials allow for creative, innovative solutions to solve GenCon challenges. Manufactured from Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) that resist to chemical and mechanical wear, the belting is impervious to water and oils, making it suitable for use in conditions or environments where corrosion, abrasion or mechanical damage can shorten belt lifetime.
Unique tools used for splicing Volta Belting products reduce downtime for repairs and new installations.